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Message From Managing Director
A Primary Perspective about Unani Medical Science
And Neptune Laboratories Ltd.

Unani System of Medicine is a complete medical science. It is very ancient but complies with modern method of treatment. Hippocrates, Ibn Sina and Jalinus are the pioneers of Unani Medical science. Unani system of Medicine was first practiced in Unan province of Greece and hence the name has been appeared.

Unani systems of medicine have a stock of great variety of treatments. In the primary stages of medical science medicinal herbs were the only means of treatment. With the course of time, Unani systems of medicine have been changed and come into their modern form. Now many types of valuable herbs, animals and mineral elements are merged to result in syrups, tablets, capsules, ointments, semi solid, powders and other forms of Unani medicines. The contribution of Greek, Persian, Arabic and Indian physicians to this method is irrevocable. The Late Hakim Mohammad Arfan Ali started applying the Unani medicine for treatment from 1965. Later in 1996 “Neptune Laboratories Ltd” was founded as a Private Limited Company. In July 2012, Neptune Laboratories Ltd. achieves Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate from WHO, which is issued by Directorate of Drugs of Bangladesh government. This achievement reveals opportunities for Neptune to export quality of product manufactured according to GMP guidelines, after fulfill the domestic demand. In order to follow these guidelines, Neptune Laboratories Ltd. is ready to face any challenges with establishing modern machineries and most advanced technology.

Here every raw material is tested from its own specification and ensure that the dosage retain the same quality until it is used by the patients. Neptune Laboratories Ltd. has carried out extensive research, clinical trial and it has tried for ways to give it the best quality product by employing eminent pharmacist. Tireless effort of the manpower of Neptune Laboratories Ltd achieves accolades from people all over the country for providing the quality of product.

In order to provide healthcare to the masses, Neptune Laboratories Ltd has established treatment and sales centers around the country. Here we provide free treatment by experienced doctors. In order to spread the services of Neptune Laboratories Ltd to the people of the country it asks for assistance from all the established Doctors, Pharmacist, Chemists, Botanists, Hakims, Homeopathic Doctors, Rural Doctors, Knowledgeable persons, well wishers and all the people of our country.

We hope our services will be help to you. We will accept your advice with pleasure.

Allah Hafez.

Dr. Sayeed Ahmed Siddiqui
Managing Director
Neptune Laboratories Ltd.