Quality Policy

Our objective is to develop, produce and market Herbal Medicinal products to satisfy the medical and treatment expectations and needs of our customers locally and globally. Our business operations are guided by ethical values appropriate to the provision of Herbal Medicine and health care

We have put in place the infrastructure and procedures to support a stringent quality policy. Our QUALITY system is so Designed, Documented, Implemented and Controlled in order to give a guarantee that the products manufactured by us is consistent in their intended use with respect to Quality, Purity, Safety, Efficacy and Stability.

At each manufacturing step we employ the latest analytical instruments, tightly monitored quality assurance and quality control systems in order to ensure consistent quality of our products.

Our QUALITY policy is a mission being complemented by various departments like R&D, Materials, Production, Engineering, Stores, Medical, Marketing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. It is monitored by a team responsible for Validation, GMP documentation, Self–audits, Training and Market complaints.

The ultimate “QUALITY” goal is achieved by - everyone adhering to Quality policy and Principles. We require all personnel to work in accordance with this Policy.