Jowarish Tamar Hindi

Anti Emetic & Digestive


Jowarish Tamar Hindi increases the activity of stomach and is a stomachic. Tamar Hindi increases immunity power. Active ingredients of Tamarindus indica are anti emetic and increases appetite. Aquilaria agallocha is a nervine tonic, relieves liver disorder and stomachic. Mentha piperita relieves nausea, vomiting and also digestive. Amomum subulatum relieves liver disorders. Elettaria cardamomum is digestive, carminative and anti emetic. Punica granatum is carminative and relieves anemia.    

Each 100 gm contains

Tamarindus indica

26.67 gm

Aquilaria agallocha

667 mg

Elettaria cardamomum

667 mg

Amomum subulatum

667 mg

Mentha piperita

667 mg

Cinnamomum cassia

667 mg

Myristica fragrans fruit

667 mg

Zingiber officinale

667 mg

Piper nigrum

667 mg

Punica granatum

26.67 gm

Citrus aurantifolia juice

40 ml

and other ingredients.

Ref: Bangladesh National Unani Formulary.

Unani Medicine.

  • Tamar Hindi relieves Vomiting and weakness of stomach
  •  Tamar Hindi relieves Restlessness
  • Tamar Hindi relieves Palpitation of heart
  • Tamar Hindi relieves loose motion due to bile.

1-2 teaspoonfuls in morning and night or as directed by the physician.

No significant side effect has been observed at recommended dosage.

No known contraindication.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

100gm plastic container.