Sufoof Jiryan

Remedy for Spermatorrhoea and Premature Ejaculation


Sufoof Jiryan increases semen density and a remedy for sexual disabilities. Jiryan is the combination of Asparagus racemosus, soapstone, Plantago ovata and Tamarindus indica seed and effective in spermatorrhoea and seminuria. Sufoof Jiryan reduces excessive nocturnal emission; increases the sperm density, increases coital time. Sufoof Jiryan is effective in general weakness, vitality and nervine tonic. Asparagus racemosus root used in Jiryan increases body strength, increases the qualityof semen and sexual tonic. Bioactive compound of Tamarindus indica and Plantago ovata areeffective in gonorrhoea, sesual weakness and increases semen density.

Each 50 gm contains

Asparagus racemosus

 12.25 gm


 6.25 gm

Plantago ovata

 6.25 gm

Tamarindus indica

 6.25 gm

and other ingredients.

Ref: Bangladesh National Unani Formulary.

Unani Medicine.

  • Sufoof Jiryan relieves Spermatorrhoea
  • Sufoof Jiryan relieves Excessive nocturnal emission
  • Sufoof Jiryan Increases semen density

2 teaspoonfuls powder add with water and drink 2 times daily before meal for 1-2 months or as directed by the physician.

No significant side effect has been observed at recommended dosage.

No known contraindication.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

 50gm plastic container.