Effective for Dyspnoea and Asthma


Main effective compound of Laooq Damavin is the ephedrine of Ephedra gerardiana, which relieves asthma within a very short time. Laooq Damavin excretes phlegmatic fluid. Sharbat Sadar of Laooq Damavin is expectorant and relieves cough, athsma, chronic catarrh and bronchitis. Another ingredient Laooq Katan is demulcent and anti inflammatory. It relieves mild cough, chronic catarrh, hoarseness, pneumonia and inflammation of lungs.

Each 100 gm contains

Ephedra gerardiana salt

0.485 mg

Sharbat sadar

 2.427 mg

Laooq katan

 95.988 mg

and other ingredients.

Ref: Bangladesh National Unani Formulary.

Unani Medicine.

  • Damavin relieves Dyspnoea
  • Damavin relieves Asthma
  • Damavin helps Excretion of phlegmatic fluid.

Adult: 2-4 teaspoonfuls 2-3 times daily.

Children: ½ -1 teaspoonful 2-3 times or as directed by the physician.

No significant side effect has been observed at recommended dosage.

No known contraindication.

Damavin is not recommended to children below 6 years.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

100 gm plastic container.